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The city’s most accessible, inclusive resource for entrepreneurs and professionals.

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ProDev (professional development, get it?) unifies Seattle's most passionate technophiles, entrepreneurs, job seekers, investors and those simply looking for professional growth through digital communities, workshops and events

The ProDev platform isn’t a stand alone entity. We’re an ecosystem of vetted communities, mentors, coaches, and business leaders; all of whom share a singular belief: collaboration breeds success.

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Show Up. Be Present.

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Talks & Workshops

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On any given day, there’s guaranteed to be a bunch of quality events happening around the city. It’s on you to show up and be present.

It’s on us to make sure we’re providing events relevant to your success. We’ve chosen four event types to feature for the career climbers, entrepreneurs and job seekers out there:


Executive Talks

Fireside chats and panel discussions with local executives and founders.

ProDev Day

A quarterly conference style summit for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs.


Hosted by career coaches, investors and local business leaders throughout the year.


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Check out our go-to community calendars, Young Professionals of Seattle & GeekWire to find more events happening around the city. Have an event you want entrepreneurs and local professionals to know about? Each of these event calendars allow community submitted events!


Collaboration > Competition

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ProDev Communities

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In a city overflowing with resourceful organizations and events, we’ve found a lot of unintentional (and unnecessary) competition. ProDev, acts as an ecosystem of collaborative communities with a goal to empower the most ambitious professionals with the resources they need to succeed.

Check out (and join) the communities that are the driving force behind ProDev:


Founders Live

A locally founded, global platform for entrepreneurs.

Young Professionals of Seattle

The largest young professional network on the west coast.

Cofounders Connect

Engage with other founders and startup resources.

Loop Networking

Eastside business networking community.