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Growth Hacking - How to Build an Audience

  • PEMCO HQ 1300 Dexter Avenue Seattle, WA 98109 United States (map)
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The Talk

ProDev, Cofounders Connect and Hacker News are collaborating to bring out the top growth marketers from around the world, to Seattle, to share tactical information on how they leverage platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to drive tens of millions of dollars in revenue for themselves and their clients.
Seattle has never had such accomplished growth marketers fly in to speak, and we are extremely excited for you to learn from the experts at the top of their game.

The Speakers

Justin Wu -

Justin Wu

Justin Wu is a native Seattleite, but has spent the last 3 years living in Los Angeles building his brand and business.

Within the last 18 months Justin has collaborated with the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ & been sponsored by Samsung, Intel, and New Balance.

The only thing he is doing differently than you?

Justin shares his journey as a marketer and entrepreneur, with actionable tactics and strategies anyone can implement across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Other notable accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of Sidevision, a Warner Brothers backed startup

  • Co-founder of Vytmn, a SaaS marketing platform which grew to $100k MRR in 12 months

  • $3mm raised on Kickstarter

  • 500,000 app downloads

Josh Fechter - ProDev - Bamf Media

Josh Fechter

BAMF Media

Josh Fechter current runs BAMF Media Agency, growing to over 26 employees in 8 months - a serious testament to his ability to generate value.


Besides founding BAMF, Josh has also done a million other notable things, but here are a few:

  • Josh, the #1 LinkedIn marketer in the world, popularized the formatting that most viral LinkedIn posts use today, and has personally accumulated over 100,000,000+ LinkedIn views on his posts

  • Josh runs Zuckerberg’s favorite Facebook group for entrepreneurs – Badass Marketers and Founders with over 20,000 members

  • Josh has spoken around the world at 100+ events on growth marketers

  • Josh has gotten his clients featured on Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, and almost every late night tv show 

Josh is flying in from Los Angeles to tell you about the top tactical tips and tricks he uses to exploit platforms and drive value.


Jason Wong


Jason Wong is 20 years old and has already built a multi-million dollar business... on memes. 

Jason took the opposite route most entrepreneurs take – he built an audience, then he monetized it by selling them products that resonated. At 13 he started making memes on Tumblr, amassing 32 million followers.

After building his audience, he launched a series of products: First, The Holy Meme Bible, a meme coloring book that generated $100,000 in revenue 7 days after launch. Jason then launched meme cookbooks, meme bath bombs, meme candles and meme condoms.

Hear some of his growth hacking strategies on May 30th

Later Event: June 14
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